Order Checks


Get checks sent straight to your doorstep — without having to leave the comfort of home. Order your checks online through our trusted partner, Harland Clarke.

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Lost or Stolen Card


Can't find your credit or debit card? Better be safe than sorry. Call us 24/7 to cancel your card and find a branch to get a replacement.

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Financial Calculators


Planning ahead is not just a suggestion; nowadays it's a necessity. Use our financial calculators to calculate potential loan payments and more.

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Routing Number


Setting up a direct deposit? Look no further for our routing number. You can also find it at the bottom of your personal checks!

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Switch Kit


Make the switch to local and friendly without sacrificing modern and innovative. Find everything you need to switch to us in this handy PDF!

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Wire Transfers


Easily and securely receive funds same-day by having them sent to you via wire transfer.

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Start your rate shopping here. We offer some of the most competitive rates in North Georgia! Shop here first!

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Online Security Resources


Protect yourself and your family while on the internet! Here are some resources to show you how you can start today.

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Tips to Avoid Overdraft Fees


Hold onto your money and view our tips to avoid overdrafts and fees for non-sufficient funds.

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Secure Document Transfer


Sending sensitive information? Please use our Secure Document Transfer service. Find out more.

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Financial Statement Form


Instructions for completing financial statement electronically.

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