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Dear Century Bank of Georgia Customers,

As a reminder, Century Bank of Georgia will NEVER call, text or email you asking for you to verify personal information such as your SSN, PIN, account number, card number or online banking login information.

Helpful Tips to Spot Scams - Remember “Banks Never Ask That!”

  • If you receive an email, text, or phone call asking for confidential information, it’s a definite red flag. It’s better to be safe than sorry. End the call, delete the text, and trash the email, because banks never ask that!
  • You may be asked to verify confidential information if you call your bank, but never the other way around. If you receive an incoming call from someone claiming to be your bank, the safest thing you can do is hang up and call your bank’s customer service number.

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If you receive a suspicious call, text, or email, even if it appears to be from Century Bank of Georgia, please contact us at (770) 387-1922 immediately for verification.