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Helping businesses succeed is what we do. With our cash management services, you can add efficiency to your workday — increasing productivity and your bottom line.

Add ACH Origination, Positive Pay, and wire transfer services to your business accounts for a low additional fee to make your business run more smoothly.

Easily stay on top of outgoing funds without increasing your workload. Century Bank's ACH Origination enables you to pay vendors, process employee payroll, pay taxes, and schedule cash disbursements — all in one place.

You don't even have to leave to office to stay on top of outgoing funds. An up-to-date list of transactions with detailed descriptions is available 24/7 via your online banking portal.


  • Affordable, additional service available to our business customers*
  • Process incoming and outgoing payments 24/7, electronically:
    • Directly deposit employee payroll
    • Make vendor payments
    • Pay state and federal taxes
  • An up-to-date record of transactions is available via online banking or account statements
  • Schedule one-time or recurring incoming/outgoing payments
  • Efficient and accurate processing, providing more visibility to your cash position
  • Improve cash flow
  • Increase productivity by automating processes
  • Cut down on employee resources and time
  • Increase accuracy; reduces human error
  • Eliminates wastes and expenses associated with paper checks

*Customers need to be enrolled and approved for this service.

Easily move funds without physically moving yourself! Our easy-to-use online wire transfer services allow you to initiate domestic transfers from the convenience of your office.

Save valuable time and resources — even create recurring templates for future use. Cash management services from Century Bank of Georgia make sending money easy.


  • Affordable service available within our cash management services
  • Easy, same-day, safe movement of funds
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers
  • Initiate wire instructions from the convenience of your office
  • Save time and company resources

As a business owner, you're busy. We know. Check fraud should be the last thing you have to worry about. With Positive Pay, we keep track of every check you write.

If something looks off, you decide whether the payment clears or not. Add an extra layer of protection to your check writing with Positive Pay from Century Bank of Georgia.


  • Available through Century Bank's cash management services
  • Catch fraudulent activity before the money leaves your account
  • Automatically compares checks presented for payment to those in your check issued file
  • Get alerted when a mismatch occurs
  • You decide whether or not to approve the payment
  • Secure online portal accessed through your internet banking
  • Enjoy increased peace of mind knowing your information is receiving increased security
Cash management services subject to approval.